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This page is being updated to organize the digitization of ICC documents related to railroads.

The 1915-1920 ICC valuation of common carrier railroads and subsequent revisions documenting changes is the primary focus of the digitiation projects I am involved in. A majority of the digitized files will be available from historical societies rather than directly on this website. Additional support provided by a R&LHS Research Fellowship.

As time permits, files shared on this website in the djvu format will be converted to pdf or jpg formats.



Valuation Dockets

#1022 New York Central Railroad (Development of Physical Property)
Valuation Testimony - Depreciation 1927 (djvu)

Valuation Maps

ICC Specifications for Maps and Profiles 1914 Google Books

National Archives Finding Aids
Maps available on this website
NYCS Indexes
PRRT&HS Valuation Map Collection
ELHS Erie and DL&W Valuation Map Collection (on DVD and indexed)

A Web-Based Index of Historical Valuation Maps for the Erie Railroad
(Flewelling, M. B. [2014], Master's thesis, University of Redlands)

Search for Scanned Valuation Maps
(under development - includes more than 20,000 valuation map entries- plus more than 1800 right-of-way W&LE photos)

Engineering Notes

National Archives Finding Aids

1887 - 1995

Abandonment Decisions in Finance Dockets
Coal Reserves and Serving Railroads PA,WV,OH 1957

Railroad Abandonments 1920-1943


National Archives: ICC | Senate Commerce
ICC Indexes: Mike Good | Bob Netzlof

On January 1, 1996, the ICC Termination Act of 1995 (Pub. L. No. 104-88) abolished the Interstate Commerce Commission and established within the Department of Transportation the Surface Transportation Board (STB). The STB is charged with performing a number of functions previously performed by the ICC, including the issuance of the decisions of the Board which were previously issued by the ICC.


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