Pennsylvania Railroad
June 19, 1952 Inspection Trip
Day 3: Columbus to New York

Track Charts, Maps and Yard Plans

PRR Track Charts circa 1952
Columbus, Ohio to Morrisville, New Jersey
300 dpi DjVu bitonal ~250K@

Columbus to Conesville
mp 191-130
Conesville to Cadiz Jct mp 129-66
Cadiz Jct to Pittsburgh mp 65-0
Pennsylvania Main Line
Pittsburgh to Torrance mp 341-298
Torrance to Altoona mp 298-236
Altoona to Lewistown mp 237-168
Lewistown to Marysville mp 168-110
Marysville to Parkesburg mp 48-114
Parkesburg to Morrisville mp 48-0, 88-58

Route of Trip

Columbus & Vicinity Map 600dpi DjVu scanned bitonal
Philadelphia & Vicinity Map 450dpi DjVu bitonal (533K)

Columbus, Ohio June 1948 600 dpi DjVu bitonal (189K)
Philadelphia Greenwich Yard & Proposed Ore Pier
150 dpi DjVu photo (606K)

PRR Panhandle Division

Elimination of Clearance Restrictions at Tunnels 4 to 10, inclusive, between Burgettstown, PA and Dennison, OH, in 1943 and 1950.


Tunnels 6 to 10 - 450dpi bitonal DjVu - (160K)

Gould (Tunnel #5) and Bertha (Tunnel #4) - 450dpi DjVu bitonal (125K)


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