Pennsylvania Railroad
1915-1918 ICC Valuation and subsequent revisions

PRRT&HS Lewistown Station and Archives
Indexes to Valuation Maps

The PRRT&HS Valuation Map Collection includes:

  • an incomplete set of aproximately 10,000 PRR original linens (black ink on tracing cloth) stored flat in hanging folders contained in 4 large metal bins. These have been indexed and more than 3/4 digitized. (a few folders contained paper copies rather than linens)
  • a large collection of paper copies in over 500 rolls containing an average of 50 maps each. These rolls are being opened, indexed and digitized as time permits. The rolls were numbered when wrapped by the Pennsylvania Railroad. The first half appear to be a complete set of revised maps from 1948/49 for the Pennsylvnia Railroad including all owned and/or operated railroads with separate names. The rest are mostly duplicates of the linen collection, but sometimes include additional revision dates or missing maps.Unfortunately a few rolls appear to be missing, but until we open every one and confirm its contents we won't know for sure.
  • miscellaneous additional maps from other sources.

Indexes will be added and updated as these maps are scanned and processed. Maps listed in the indexes have been scanned and are available for purchase.

New! Try the online database of val maps including all PRRT&HS val maps that have been scannned and processed. Link  

State of Pennsylvania
This index should be a close to a complete list of valuation sheet numbers actually drawn for the Pennsylvania Railroad owned properties in this state. Use the pdf search function to find railroad names or locations. Railroads only temporarily associated with the PRR are still being identified. Water Companies owned by the PRR were included in the valuation but are not yet reflected in this index.

Associated lines not yet located in rolls and included in index:

  • Pittsburgh, Chartiers & Youghiogheny (Jointly owned by PCC&StL and P&LE)
  • Monongahela Railway (1/3 ownership with P&LE and B&O)
    operated by the Monongahela Railway:
    • Chartiers Southern Railway - never completed
    • Connellsville & Monongahela Railway
    • Monongahela and Ohio Railroad
    • Redstone Central Railroad
    • Shamrock Branch (PRR.v20.027.PA)
pdf (8MB) 2017-02-16 update

State of New Jersey
Scanning of New Jersey val maps is still in progress.

pdf (.7MB) 2017-01 update
State of New York
Scanning of New York val maps is still in progress.
pdf (.6MB) 2017-02 update
State of Maryland
Scanning of Maryland val maps is almost complete.
pdf (.6MB) 2017-02-17 update
State of Ohio
Scanning of Ohio val maps is almost complete, but many have not been processed yet.
pdf (1.25MB) 2017-02 update

State of Delaware
Scanning of Delaware val maps is almost complete.

pdf (.5MB)
2017-02 update

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