Zanesville, Ohio Railroads

Wheeling and Lake Erie (NKP/NW - Ohio Central)

Central Ohio (B&O, CSX - Ohio Central)

Ohio & Little Kanawha (B&O - CSX)

Zanesville & Western, Zanesville Terminal (T&OC - NYC - PC)

Cincinnati & Muskinghum Valley ({PRR - PC)

Bellaire, Zanesville and Cincinnati Railway (Ohio River and Western - PRR)
Track Chart: Mill Run Branch included in C&MV Chart



L.H.Everts & Company, Philadelphia

Courtesy Columbus Public Library

1928 Zanesville

City of Zanesville, Ohio, C. R. Spencer

200 dpi PDF (800K)

Courtesy Howard Speidel
n.d. Zanesville

From Street Directory and Information Guide,
W. H. McCaddon, Publisher

200 dpi PDF (800K)

Courtesy Howard Spiedel

Topographic Maps
1910 Zanesville 1910 Philo 1910
1961 Zanesville West 1961 Zanesville East 1961


Prepared to complement W&LEHS Tour of Zanesville in November 2008

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