Facts and Figures of the Automobile Industry
1920-1930 (all pages)

By 1920 there were 7.5 million cars and trucks in the United States. The automobile industy was promoting the building of highways and the use of automobiles was beginning to have an affect on railroads.

"The motor car is the new transit power of the country, to which the time of the individual and the handling of short haul freight has been attuned. From comparative toy or novelty it has become a necessity, as evidenced by the tabulation of its users as presented herein."

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Facts and Figures of the Automobile Industry
National Automobile Chamber of Commerce
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1920 01 jpg DjVu Introduction
1920 20 jpg DjVu Motor Vehicle Registration 1914-1919
1920 21 jpg DjVu Total Gross Vehicle Revenues 1914-1919
1920 36 jpg DjVu Ratio of Motor Vehicles to Population in the United States
1920 37 jpg DjVu Persons Per Car - by State (1 in 10 Ohioans has a car)
Cities with the Greatest Relative Number of Cars (Cleveland is 7th)
1920 48-9 jpg DjVu Map - World Registration of Cars Proportional to Population
1920 66 jpg DjVu Map - Proposed National Highways
1920 67 jpg DjVu State and County Highway Unexpended Bond Issues
Proposed National Highway System
1921 08 jpg DjVu Truck Production by Capacities
1921 09 jpg DjVu Motor Vehicle Factories by State
Railroad Freight Car Load Shipments from Automobile Factories
1921 12 jpg DjVu Chart - Enough Oil for 144 Years
1921 13 jpg DjVu Fuel Supply Exceeds Consumption in 1920
Rubber Production
1921 14 jpg DjVu Owners Say Cars Increase Efficiency by 57%
1921 15 jpg DjVu Chart - Automobiles Aid All Occupations
1921 16 jpg DjVu Chart - Where Cars Are
1921 17 jpg DjVu Farmer-Owned Passenger Cars
1921 20 jpg DjVu Chart - City Government Use of Passenger Cars
Telephone Companies Use Thousands of Cars
1921 21 jpg DjVu Motor Bus Use in 1200 Rural Schools
Picture - School Before and After the Coming of the Car
1921 28 jpg DjVu Map - Motor Trucks Lines Moving Freight Between Eight Railroads Entering Cincinnati
1921 29 jpg DjVu Motor Trucks Save Time and Money Over Rail Service on Short Haul Routes
1921 80 jpg DjVu Picture - Definition of Body Styles
1921 81 jpg DjVu Picture - Definition of Body Styles
1922 30 jpg DjVu Short Line Railroads Using Motor Buses With Flanged Wheel Equipment
Quote - Effect of Motor Transport on RR Securities
1922 31 jpg DjVu Motor Express Lines Listed by States
Map - Principal Motor Transport Lines
1922 32 jpg DjVu Map - 90 Motor Bus Lines in Maryland
Electric Railways Operating Motor Buses
1922 33 jpg DjVu Map - Traffic Map of Maryland
Electric Railways Operating Motor Buses - Continued
1922 34 jpg DjVu 108 U.S. Cities Using Motor Bus Lines
1922 35 jpg DjVu Statistics of the Road Building Industry
Motor Trucks Reduce Farm Costs
1925 50 jpg DjVu How Railroads Profit From the Automobile Industry
1925 51 jpg DjVu Chart - One Railroad's Contribution to and Benefits from the Highways
Federal Aid Highway Payments 1917 - 1925
1927 24 jpg DjVu Map - Main Transcontinental Highway Routes
1927 25 jpg DjVu Miles of Highway in U.S. by State
Indiana Has Most Surfaced Roads - Ohio Second
1927 26 jpg DjVu Federal Highway System of the U.S.
Percentage of Interstate Traffic on State Highway Systems
1927 27 jpg DjVu Federal Aid Highway Projects Completed During Calendar Year 1926
Graph - City Cars Main Users of State Highways
1927 28 jpg DjVu Map - Heavy Intercity Travel in Ohio Survey
1927 29 jpg DjVu Motor Vehicle Taxes in 1926
1927 38 jpg DjVu Number and % of Telephones, Pianos, Radios, Phonographs and Cars based on population of residence
Automobile Use Greatest in Small Towns
1927 39 jpg DjVu 2,700,000 Two-Car Families in U.S.
Typical Reasons for Multiple Car Ownership
1927 64 jpg DjVu Map - Tonnage Hauled into Columbus, Ohio
Trucks Lead on Short Hauls
1927 65 jpg DjVu Motor Truck Fleets in the U.S.
1927 66 jpg DjVu Leading Truck Fleets in the U.S.A.
1927 67 jpg DjVu Truck and Rail Rates in Furnature Hauling
Gains in Haulage of Livestock by Motor Truck
1927 74 jpg DjVu Railroads Using Motor Trucks
1927 75 jpg DjVu 60 Steam Railroads Use Buses
California Points Served by Pickwick Motot Stages and Railroads
1930 14 jpg DjVu Automobile Markets 1917 - 1929 Foreign/Domestic/Replacement/New
Graph - Average Life of Car 6 3/4 Years
1930 15 jpg DjVu xls Motor Vehicle Registrations 1895 - 1929
57% of Cars in Towns Under 10,000 Population
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