Cleveland May 20, 1856
S. S. Stone's Survey of
Central Tract, Canal Tract and College Tract
Showing the Ohio Canal, Cleveland & Mahoning Railroad and Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati Railroad. Note the C&M R.R. "Depot & Machine Shops" along Mahoning St. and the original canal route into Cleveland - later to be used by the CT&V R.R. The W&LE R.R. also built through the center of the map area in the 1880s.
Cleveland 1856

300 dpi DjVu (3.5MB) | 150 dpi inverted grayscale PDF (5.49MB)

Because this map is fragile and torn, the stitching of the scans was not perfect. You will notice some minor misalignment where some of the scans join..

Map courtesy of Howard Speidel



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