Cuyahoga County 1852
Harris H. Blackmore Archt. & C.E.
published by Stoddard & Everett


200 dpi DjVu bitonal (2166K)

300 dpi bitonal PDF (4650K)
it is recommended that you save this file to your computer and open directly in Adobe Acrobat rather than within your browser.


higher resoluton scans for selected townships

600 dpi DjVu bitonal details

Bedford (310K)
Cleveland (721K)
East Cleveland (441K)
Warrensville (310K)

This map was scanned in 25 8.5"x11" sections at 600 dpi using an HP 4600 scanner that was carefully placed on top of the map. Each section was overlapped at least an inch to aid in stitching. The sections were stitched together using Panaview Image Assembler. Color correction and cleanup was done using Adobe Photoshop. Scanning took aproximately 2 hours. Processing took aproximately 18 hours because of the high resolution. The 600 dpi stitched map file is over a gigabyte in compressed form!

Courtesy of the Bedford Historical Society Museum

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