Cleveland, Ohio

December 1934 Map showing railroads and facilities in Cleveland, Ohio
Exhibit-1 Unification of Facilities
includes Cleveland Union Terminal opened in 1930.

Left Half - Map
100dpi jpg image (500K)
Right Half -
Legend / Facility Names

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Erie Railroad 1904 Cleveland Map and Profile

NKP 1931 Switching District

100 dpi jpg (815K)

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Courtesy of Jerry Jordak
Penn Central Railroad Online


Railroad Map of Cleveland, Ohio
no date, probably from 1940s (uses same base as 1934 map)


Cleveland & Vicinity
Pennsylvania Railroad
Central Division

1922 revised to 1946

300dpi djvu bitonal (238K)

100dpi jpg (553K)

donated to Cleveland State University Special Collections

Vicinity Map of Cleveland
showing Railroads and Industries
Pennsylvania Railroad

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75dpi jpg (533K)

courtesy Cleveland State University Special Collections

1919 Cleveland & Vicinity
Showing Railroads and Electric Lines

from Rand McNally 1919 Commercial Atlas
(note proposed Cleveland & Youngtown Railway
soon to become the Shaker Rapid and NYC Orange Avenue Terminal)

600 dpi DjVu bitonal (272K)

donated to CSU Special Collections by Yakima Paper

1919 Cleveland

1921 Cleveland Map
from 1920-21
New York Central Lines Shippers Guide

600 dpi DjVu bitonal (231K)


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