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Highway Maps of Ohio

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This is the third edition of Highway Maps of Ohio. The first edition was published in December, 1909, and the second in June, 1910, both editions being published in atlas form only. The present edition is published in both atlas form and as single maps.
The original drawings of the highway maps of the counties of Ohio were made under the supervision of the Civil Engineering Department of Ohio State University and were based, insofar as possible, upon the topographic maps of the United States Geological Survey. These maps were made on tracing cloth and some of the original tracings are still preserved in the office of the State Highway Department.
When the Work of preparing the present edition of Highway Maps was begun, it was found necessary to make new maps of about one-half of the counties owing to the impracticability of correcting the old tracings in order to bring them up to date. These new maps were based upon the topographical maps of the United States Geological Survey.
Prints were made of the new and corrected tracings and sent to the respective county surveyors who were asked to indicate on these--prints any corrections required. From these prints as corrected by the county surveyors the tracings were corrected to date. From the corrected tracings other prints were made and sent to the county surveyors who indicated thereon, in the proper colors, the types of road surfaces on the county and township roads as they were completed and open to traffic before January 1, 1918. Data as to the types of road surfaces on the roads, of the inter-county highway system was added by the State Highway Department. From these last prints the color plates for the maps were prepared.
The present edition of Highway Maps comprises the most complete and reliable information that has ever been compiled concerning the roads of Ohio and is the best that it is possible to obtain without actual surveys. The maps are arranged in alphabetical order and for that reason an index has not been thought necessary. These maps, both in atlas form and as separate sheets, are for sale only by the Secretary of State. The State Highway Department is not authorized to sell or otherwise distribute any maps.


scanned courtesy of the State Library of Ohio

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