Archeological Atlas of Ohio

showing the distribution of the various classes of prehistoric remains in the state,
with a map of the principal Indian trails and towns

by William C. Mills

Published by the Ohio State Archeological and Historical Society

Columbus, Ohio. Published for the Society by Fred J. Heer, 1914

Title Page
Indian Trails and Towns in Ohio
Map Showing Distribution of Earthworks in Ohio

Ohio Counties circa 1914
maps appear to be based on 1909/10 Highway Maps issued by the state
Description/Illustrations of Archeological Sites in County
(bitonal or scanned DjVu: 20-200K@)

County Map
(bitonal DjVu: 100-400K@)
showing roads, railroads, waterways, towns - color identifying archeological sites removed to reduce image size

Ross pg.1 pg.2

Scanned courtesy of the Ohioana Library, State Library of Ohio.

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