Pennsylvania Railroad
Board of Directors
Inspection of Physical Property

November 10-11-12, 1948

Philadelphia, Pa., to Chicago, Ill.
Via Crestline, Ohio
Returning Via Columbus, Ohio

Pennsylvania Railroad System Maps showing facilities, multiple tracks 12-13 (DjVu)
Construction Work 14-18 (DjVu)
Items of Historic Interest Pertaining to Lines En Route (Historic Maps of Philadelphia, Allegheny Portage, Pittsburgh) 19-29 (text - DjVu)
En Route: Towns, Bridges, Tunnels, Line Revisions, Facilities, Leased and Branch Lines 30-48 (DjVu)
Crossings, Connections and Terminal Points, Terminal Operations 49-61 (DjVu)
Industries adjacent to railroad having shipments of 500 cars or more per year 62-77 (DjVu)
Daily Average Density of Traffic - June 1948 Region Maps, Enola Yard, Gallitzin Summit & Columbia Historic Data, Produce Terminals 78-84 (DjVu)
Diesel Electric Locomotives. Diesel Fuel & Water Facilities Map 85-105 (text - DjVu)
Principal Shops and Engine Terminals 106-112 (DjVu)
Electrification - Maps 113-118 (text - DjVu)
Telephone and Telegraph Systems 119-121 (DjVu)
Jointly Owned Railroad and Station Companies. Montour Railroad, Youngstown & Southern Railway Map. 122-128 (text - DjVu)
Canalization (Map: Ashtabula, Ohio to Rochester, Pa.) 128-128A (text - DjVu)
Pennsylvania Turnpike (Map) 129-130 (text - DjVu)
PRR Mainline Profiles, Comparative Profile of PRR, Erie, B&O, NYC Routes from New York to Chicago 134-137 (DjVu - jpg)


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