Erie Railroad Track Charts

Unless otherwise indicated, all files are 300 dpi djvu scanned images.

Allegheny - Bradford Divisons 1942 - revised to 1961 (NY, PA)

Dunkirk Branch Milepost 460-413 (540K)

Mainline: Salamanca to Friendship Milepost 413-373 (765K)

MainLine: Friendship to Hornell Milepost 375-331 (528K)

River Division Milepost 390-358 (474K)

Kyler, Toby, W. Clarion Branches (85K)

Meadville & B & SW Divisons 1942 - revised to 1961 (NY, PA)

B&SW Division Waterboro-BC Jct. Milepost 58-2 (862K)

C&E RR Columbus Jct.-Niobe Jct. (208K)

Mainline: Meadville to Lakewood Milepost 103-36 (1240K)

Mainline Lakewood to Salamanca Milepost 39-1 (917K)

Mahoning Divison First District - Cleveland to Pymatuning 1956 - revised to 1961 (OH, PA)

Cleveland to Phalanx (1850K)

Phalanx to Pymatuning (1850K)

Legend 1 (650K)
Legend 2 (550K)

(Mantua to Garrettsville is now a bike trail)

Mahoning Divison Second District - Kent to Meadville 1946 - revised to 1961 (OH, PA)

Legend (319K)

Kent to Pymatuning Milepost 193-137 (723K)

Pymatuning to Meadville Milepost 136-101 (1000K)

Mahoning Divison - Franklin Branch - revised to 1961 (PA)

Meadville to Oil City
Milepost 33-0 (513K)

Mahonning Division Branches - revised to 1961 (OH, PA)

Niles to Lisbon (650K) - large segments now paved bike trails.

Canal, Youngstown & Austintown, Haselton, New Castle Branches (1000K)

Kent Division Second District - Marion-Dayton 1959 - revised to 1961 (OH)

Dayton to N. Lewisburg Milepost 388-335 (1520K)

N. Lewisburg to Marion Milepost 341-305 (1270K)

Kent Division First District - Kent - Marion 1947 - revised to 1961 (OH)

Marion to Ashland Milepost 305-248 (2960K)

Nankin to Kent Milepost 248-189(3000K)

Legend (578K)
(150dpi jpg - 546K)

Marion Divison (IN, OH)

Legend (98K)

Hammond to Rochester Milepost 249-170 (667K)

Rochester to Wren Milepost 170-88 (659K)

Ohio State Line to Marion milepost 90 - 00 (754K)

Legend (137K)

Scanned courtesy of John Benson's Slides

EL Scranton Div Bloomsburg Branch MP 134-214 150 dpi PDF (3.3MB)
EL Scranton Div Main Line MP 72-180 150 dpi PDF (3.1 MB)
Scanned courtesy of University of Akron Archival Services
Erie-Lackawanna Collection

Shared under "fair use" for educational and historical purposes

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