1902 Ohio Railway Report
1900 Ohio Midland Railroad - B&O
1901 Lake Erie, Alliance and Wheeling - NYC
1902 Zanesville and Western - NYC

THE YEAR 1900.


Organized March 30, 1900.

September 1, 1869, the Newark, Somerset and Straitsville Railroad Company purchased from the surviving owners of the Scioto and Hocking Valley Railroad, that portion of its road-bed lying between Newark, Ohio, and the crossing of the Cincinnati and Muskingum Valley Railway at Junction City, Ohio, and on June 30, 1871, was completed to Somerset, Ohio, a distance of 24 miles from Newark, Ohio, and operated by the contractors. January 1, 1872, the road was leased to the Sandusky, Mansfield and Newark Railway Company, and on May 20, 1872, the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company began operating it as the lessee of the Sandusky, Mansfield and Newark Railway Company. The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company completed the road to Shawnee, Ohio, a distance of 44 miles from Newark.

On March 30, 1900, the Ohio Midland Railroad Company was organized to take over the property and franchise of the Newark, Somerset and Straitsville Railroad Company, and issued bonds for $300,000.00, and 3,000 shares of stock, par value $100.00 equal to $300,000.00 for purchase of same.

THE YEAR 1901.


Lake Erie, Alliance and Wheeling Railroad Company. Incorporated January 20, 1901. Acquired all the property of The Alliance and Northern Railroad Company, The Ohio River and Lake Erie Railroad Company, and The Wheeling and Cleveland Railroad Company.

The line extends from Phalanx, Trumbull County, Ohio, to Dillonvale, Jefferson County, Ohio. The northern portion of this property was originally constructed as a narrow guage in 1875. In 1880 standard gauge was adopted and the line completed shortly thereafter to Bergholz. During 1901 and 1902 the road was extended to Dillonvale, passing through the extensive coal fields now being developed by the Lake Erie, Alliance and Wheeling Coal Company, The Eastern Ohio Coal Company, The Ohio and Pennsylvania Coal Company, and The United States Coal Company.

The main line from Phalanx to Dillonvale is 90 miles long. During the year 1902 the old wooden bridges have been replaced by steel structures, the old portion of the road ballasted and retied, and additional rolling stock acquired.


This company was organized May 25th, 1901, under the laws of Michigan. It purchased and consolidated the Detroit and Lima Northern and the Ohio Southern Railroads on July 1, 1901.

THE YEAR 1902.


This company was incorporated on the 16th of October, 1902, under the laws of Ohio. This company represents the Southern Division of the Columbus, Sandusky and Hocking Railroad, which was sold under foreclosure on November 1st, 1902. The northern portion passing under the control of the Toledo, Walhonding Valley and the Ohio Railroad Company.